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Other Details

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Additional Requirements

1. Are you using Solar Energy? K.W. H.P.
If No, do you wish to use it? K.W. H.P.
2. Have you got energy audit done for your unit?
3. Do you have Joint Venture?
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4. Are you exporting?
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5. Will you be interested in foreign fairs?
6. Do you have your own brand?
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7. Will you be interested in availing Marketing Assistance Scheme?
8. Do you intend to participate in Public Procurement?
9. Do you wish to upgrade Technology?
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10. Do you wish to Import Technology?
If Yes, Please specify country. Details.
11. Do you intend to transfer your Technology to other MSEs?
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12. Is your enterprise ISO certified?
13. Does your enterprise has quality certification?
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14. Will you be interested in Credit facilitation?
15. Have you ever been Black listed?

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